art, music, spanish and wellness

Enrichment Areas

Each week students in all classes participate in Art, Music, Spanish and Wellness classesfacilitated by dedicated instructors. Curriculum combines domain -specific introductions to the culture, traditions, history and practices of each enrichment area, as well as applicable integrations with the theme of the Integrated Unit.


The PCS art program emphasizes the value of the artistic processand aims to develop students’ confidence in their creativity. While the program offers a strong foundation in art history, culture, principles and technique,students are encouraged to experiment, make choices, and take risks to discover their own artistic vision.


Music instruction at PCSspans repertoire, musical elements, history and culture, composition, and performance. Early Childhood and Kindergarten classes reflect the way children learn at this age: incorporating movement, play and voice to explore rhythm and beat. Primary music instruction includes both whole-class repertoire and ensemble work, as well as small group lessons with string and wind instruments.


At PCS students begin learning Spanish in Early Childhood and continue through grade 8.The Spanish program is immersive and explorative with all classes conducted entirely in Spanish, emphasizing vocabulary in context and an intuitive understanding of patterns and sound.


The Wellness program aims tonourish children with attention to overall physical, emotional and cognitive well-being, as well as the interdependent mind-body relationship. Instruction encompasses movement, strength training, mindfulness, cardiovascular activity and introductions to traditional team sports including soccer, football, and basketball, with an emphasis on sportsmanship and team-building.