children are the heart of learning

Learner Centered Education

Children are the heart of learning at PCS, andour curriculum is dedicated to nourishing the whole child, with attention to building strong bodies, honing sharp minds and honoring free spirits. When we know and honor each child individually, developmentally and culturally, we build the foundation for a connected and inspired community of learning.

The learning spaces, routines and practices at PCSare thoughtfully structured to align with the strengths and needs of our students andcreate a safe and joyful environment where each and every student feels valued, supported and heard. Student voice and choice are integral to building trust and community, andstudents are a part of everything that happens at PCS. From hanging their original work on the walls and writing their own Classroom Agreements, to addressing community concerns in Morning Meetings, identifying their pronouns, and drafting their own learning goals: students know right from the start thatschool is a place where their ideas are important, where their identities are valued and where learning answers to them.

Ourshared Community Values(including collaboration, empathy, compassion and perseverance) form thefoundation for community building at PCS; students integrate the values into their daily collaborative learning, and we work more explicitly to offer childrenthe opportunity to practice relational, social-emotional, and life skills within the safety of our school community. Learning to put on our own rainsuits, learning to apply sunscreen, learning to communicate online, learning to repair a hurt we’ve caused, or to disagree without losing a friend, to express anger, to make amends, to help a friend in need, to listen to a new idea, to find our voice when we feel scared, to ask for help when we need it – these are allskills that help us grow into better citizens and build stronger communities, and they are skills that we think are just as important as learning to read and write.

Young learners are on the precipice of giant leaps in understanding, perspective and experience, and in order to help these pioneers blaze their own paths, we need to help them feel safe, secure and supportedin the face of their widening world.

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